Using an email service provider, you get several advantages. Reports are one of them. You can see who is opening your emails and if (and what) links are clicked. Sometimes, you don’t need as many of the other bells and whistles. That’s why we’ve introduced your Simple Layout. This is a new layout that helps you create simple and basic emails, while keeping all HTML formatting options such as text styles and the ability to add images.

So, where can this Simple Layout be found?

  1. Click on the Layouts tab in the Email Designer
  2. Select the Simple Layout

Simple Layout

It’s that easy! There’s no clutter and no fuss. You can create simple, basic emails that are straight and to the point. This may be used for when you have an important message to deliver that doesn’t need any frills.

Some companies may use this feature for transactional emails. Others may use them as internal notifications within your company. Companies that do email marketing internationally, may find that some countries prefer simple emails with only text. Regardless of how you put them to use, we just wanted to make sure you knew they were there.