We really can’t get enough of talking about the recent additions to our new Email Designer. V1.1 has added a few things we’re very excited about. We already told you about the Navigation Bar Block. Today, let’s take a look at the additional Mobile Stylings our new editor has added.

You now have the ability to determine how you’d like to stack individual elements within a section, instead of them simply being side by side. Why is this important? Af of this year, more than 65% of email campaigns are being opened on mobile. Failure to consider this fact is an email marketing mistake.

Now, for social follow and social share, your subscribers will be able to easily hit the correct button on any mobile device. You have control over the display options for when an email is viewed on a mobile device. The good news is that these options do not effect the desktop version of the email. They can only be seen when you click “preview” and switch to the “mobile” tab or by sending the email to a mobile device.

Mobile stylings

Mobile settings:

  • Default: uses your layout and alignment choice from your desktop email – the links will keep their default side by side display positioning
  • Vertical stack: uses your alignment choice from your desktop email, but the links will stack one on top of the other
  • Vertical stack and center: automatically uses center alignment, and stacks your links