In keeping with the Benchmark quest to constantly deliver innovative and exemplary new templates, we are proud to present our latest range of all new industry specific email templates.

Each template has been designed specially for you to use in the industry of your choice. No matter what your profession, each one of these templates is sure to satisfy your requirements.

So go ahead and give these templates a try!

Environment & Non-Profit
The ‘Environment & Non-Profit’ template has 2 distinct columns which allow you to easily incorporate the latest environmental and non profit industry news.

The hill green column color along with the background of rolling hills and soft clouds gives this template the perfect environmental appeal.

Dental Service
The ‘Dental Services’ template lays out a 2 column format with a single column at the bottom.

The bright blue border with sparkling white and blue dots gives a cool, minty impression like that of refreshing toothpaste, perfect for the dental industry.

Health Spa
The ‘Health Spa’ template follows a single column format which comprises of four sections. A separate section on contact information is displayed at the end.

Its background of soothing water and soft undulating bubbles instantly relaxes the mind and gives the impression of ultimate relaxation.

Investment Advisor
The ‘Investment Advisor’ template has a 2 column area for content and a section at the bottom for contact information.

This template with its practical design and subtle colors instantly appeals to all those in an advisor capacity.

Personal Trainer
The ‘Personal Trainer’ template is divided into 2 columns. The bottom section is perfect for announcing current discounts and contact information.

With its curvaceous flowing design and vibrant colors, this template makes your energy flow and gets you in the mood to exercise!

Law Firm
The ‘Law Firm’ template contains a 2 column format with a section on contact information at the bottom.

This template has been designed with sensible earth tones that give the impression of long standing knowledge and professional expertise.

Wealth Management
The ‘Wealth Management’ template, designed with a 2 column outlook gives the impression of wealth and expertise.

The first column is perfect for supplying the latest wealth management news and investment tips, leaving the rest of the template free for other important information like strategy and planning.

Veterinary Clinic
The ‘Veterinary Clinic’ template has a 2 column format with a section for customer information at the bottom.

Its design and structure has been specially created to appeal to those in the veterinary industry.

We hope you enjoyed the experience of using our latest industry email templates. Rest assured, there are lots more exciting templates on their way! Don’t miss out on our new templates – keep watching the template gallery! If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.