Be honest, how many of you out there really make a New Year’s resolution with conviction? And how often does that conviction follow through?

These hopeful resolutions are often crushed under the weight of our own priorities. Sure, you need to exercise more, but have you allotted a resolution for freeing your schedule? Sure, you could read a book every month, but have you made a resolution to find a book you love? I guarantee you’ll exercise more when there is a solid goal attached to that resolution. I will work out until I’ve dropped ten pounds. I will read this book so I can understand why my daughter wants to be a vampire. That’s motivation.

This year, Benchmark Email is providing you with a guide of your own, New Year’s Resolutions for the Savvy Email Marketer. You’ll find it at the bottom of our manuals section. We’ve not only made the resolutions, we’re giving you expert advice on how to follow through and accomplish these goals. For the New Year, check out these resolutions that will teach you how to:

– Grow Your Email List
– Understand Your Metrics and Put Them to Use
– Segment Your List for Target Demographics
– Clean Your Email Lists
– Get Social
– and much more!

At Benchmark, we believe in the value of setting goals and following through. But what is more important is fostering the community that can make that happen. By making these resolutions and giving you the steps necessary to achieve them, we will optimize your email marketing and you will have made a New Year’s Resolution you can keep – every year.