Podcasting is a strange beast. It’s a communication medium that is based on the struggling talk radio format, absent the graphic stimuli so necessary for online marketing, and notoriously hard to share via social channels. Yet it continually delivers something that few other marketing tactics can — intimacy with your leads.

There’s something about listening in to a conversation that generates an intense connection. A blog post is just a collection of faceless thoughts and ideas. A video turns the person on screen into an unreachable icon. But an audio podcast delivers a sense of being part of a conversation and creates familiarity with the host.(which is probably why so many talk radio aficionados yell back at their car radios).

Since the process of any sale — particularly long-sales for high-dollar deals — requires a great deal of relationship building, podcasting can become an invaluable resource for the marketer. By creating familiarity with you, your brand, and your people, it can provide an effective shortcut toward intimacy and lead warming. After all, if a lead is engaging with your podcast, when you call you are simply picking up a conversation that they have already been having with you.

So here are a few tips on how to build a podcast that generates meaningful connections with your leads.

Dialogue Rather Than Monologue

One person talking has a place, and if you are a dynamic speaker it can be very intoxicating to espouse ideas at length. But the goal of the business podcast is to create a conversational thread that you can pick up with your lead on the next call. A lecture generates attention, but a debate inspires participation. Try to keep the discussion as conversational and inclusive as possible

Topics Worth Discussing

Whether you are interviewing someone or hosting a panel debate, keep the topics focused on subjects you actively wish to discuss with your leads. The result is a conversation that prepares both you and your listeners with interesting discussion angles for your next meeting.

A Place They Belong

The more your podcast feels like somewhere your leads would feel comfortable participating, the more useful the effort will become for you. This means creating an atmosphere were any idea can be questioned and debated, so that your leads feel comfortable to question and debate when you call. In some case, you may even want to use participation on your podcast as a carrot for hot leads. Few things can positively stroke the ego of a prospect as a chance to be part of the show.

Technical Perfection

It is essential that no matter how you structure your show, your sound must be flawless. Studies have shown that on YouTube even content with terrible video quality can still garner huge view counts if the sound is good. Invest in condenser mics, record in quiet or soundproof environments, and enhance your sound quality with professional editing. Just because you are an amateur broadcaster doesn’t mean people will tolerate amateur audio quality.


If you are going to do a podcast, set up a release schedule and stick to it. If you expect your audience to commit to you, you need to commit to them. This is especially true of business podcasts. Your lead’s engagement with this content can be considered their first experience working with you. How you deliver here is their first indication of how you will deliver when they buy from you.