Why does it seem like more coffee spills and accidents happen in the office on Monday mornings than any other day? Because Monday. Inconveniently, offices don’t usually provide a whole laundry room and detergent for everyone to wash their clothes. But there are some things you can find in the communal kitchen that could help!

If you are able to, immediately run to the bathroom and run cold water behind the stain, underneath the fabric. If the spill is still fresh, the cold water may be able to just flush the liquid out. Do not run the cold water in front of the shirt where the stain is or else it will just spread.

If the stain is already starting to set, just quickly dab at the spot with a paper towel or napkin. Never harshly rub at it; you will only make it set into the fabric faster. When all the moisture is gone, you need something absorbent to soak up the spill. Ideally, you can blot it with a white towel, but few offices have the luxury of providing employees with fancy white towels. So a slice of white bread is the next best thing. Most likely, one of your co-workers brought in a sandwich of some kind for lunch and left it in the fridge. Now it’s never nice to steal someone one’s lunch, but in this case, it is not to eat it; it is to save your designer pure cotton twill blouse!

Grab one slice of bread from the sandwich (hopefully it’s dry and not covered in another stain-inducing ingredient like mustard), put the lunch bag back in the fridge in its original position, and zoom back to your cubicle so no one catches you. Tear off the doughy center and place it on the stain until it is drawn out. Work quickly before the stain sets.

If there are no sandwiches in the office today, some table salt could also do the trick to absorb the stain. Pour a generous amount of salt to cover the stain. You may have to adjust in an awkward position to keep the salt upright, but what else can you do? Once the stain is absorbed into the salt, lightly brush the salt away. The same methods apply for if you accidentally spilled coffee or juice on your desk as well. Just choose between dabbing and then white bread, or dabbing and then table salt.

Another typical mess in the office is if you are eating your breakfast bagel and you’re left with a bunch of crumbs scattered on your keyboard. Instead of making a ruckus by unplugging your keyboard and turning it upside down to shake out them all out, just grab a Post-in and run sticky side along the keys to collect the crumbs. Easy peasy!