I became a blogger out of necessity, more than desire. Having graduated with a degree in journalism at a time when most print publications were shuttering their doors, there weren’t a ton of writing jobs to come by. Starting a blog enabled me to write when I wanted, and have a portfolio to point to when I was trying to find a new gig. Festival Crashers was created with the desire to cover one music festival for the College News Magazine, for which my best friend was the editor. We really just wanted the press passes (re: free).

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It spiraled from there. We saw that we were offering more complete and immediate coverage than most of the bigger music magazines and sites. Soon we moved past the rudimentary Blogger and into the world of WordPress. It meant more customization of our site, improved SEO and a better look and feel. More than four years later, it’s still the solution I offer to any friend looking to start a blog or, really, website of any kind.

With WordPress, we could write a review, post photos and video and make sure it would ping the search engines as soon as possible within an hour of a set ending (even less if there wasn’t more music we wanted to see immediately). It created a mobile office out of the media tents, hotel rooms, coffee shops and even my bed in the days of post coverage/sleep deprivation recovery.

WordPress is also a great solution, because it is frequently updated. It stays web savvy, even when you are not. Tired of the look of your site? Pick a new theme. Want stay up-to-date with the latest social media craze? Somebody probably already created a plugin for that.

Now, with the WordPress app, I don’t even need my computer. Gone are the days of lugging around my heavy, dated laptop. I can post a blog straight from my iPhone or iPad. My tired shoulders after toting a bag around for 16 hours of live music thank me.

There area going to be times and events when 140 characters just doesn’t cut it, but you still want your readers to see something immediately. Plus, putting it in your blog gives it a more permanent home. Others may find it even years later, thanks to some well done SEO. With the WordPress app, that is easy to do. Any smartphone or tablet that the app is available for means your blog is at your fingertips 24/7.