A few years ago, analysts were predicting that online video would rise at the expense of TV advertising. While the annual fight for Super Bowl spots is proof that television is still an effective platform for reaching the masses, the popularity of video on the web is something that cannot be argued. And though they are two entirely different mediums, the parallels between online video and TV may not be as far apart as one might assume, according to a new advertising campaign recently launched by footwear maker Ugg.

Ugg is perhaps best known for its catalog of unisex boots made of sheepskin. The brand, which got its fashion inspiration from Australia or New Zealand, take your pick, realized it needed to make its products more attractive to men. However, there was a problem: mainly, its long standing reputation for producing furry boots designed for women. To shake that perception, the brand hired international advertising agency M&C Saatchi, and brought in Tom Brady, NFL Pro Bowl quarterback and a real man’s man, as its celebrity spokesperson.

Celebrity Endorsement + Online Video + TV = Winning Results

In an interesting turn of events, Ugg decided to measure response by running a video of its advertisement on YouTube a week before debuting it on TV. Coupled with aggressive marketing from the PR side, which revealed that the spot would run during the first Monday Night Football game of the year, the video helped build up a decent amount of anticipation, while the TV spot itself was instrumental in drawing men to its website and Facebook page, destinations that were respectively designed to showcase and allow consumers to purchase the brand’s complete line of men’s products.

To say that combining TV and online video in an integrated marketing strategy turned out to be a smart move on the part of Ugg would be an understatement. Not only did the initiative help the video generate more than 200,000 views on YouTube, it also helped the brand increase its following on both Facebook and Twitter. Brady’s record-setting performance in the Monday night game didn’t hurt Ugg’s advertising efforts, either. The Michigan Wolverines alumni threw for 517 yards and four TD strikes to lead the New England Patriots in a 38-14 victory over AFC East rival Miami Dolphins.

Multichannel Marketing at Its Best

The pairing of Ugg and Brady ended up being a winning team, but some pundits are still jokingly questioning the brand’s level of endorsement quality in the masculinity department. Referred to by some as the “golden boy” of the NFL, Brady is often poked fun at for his flowing locks, impromptu flailing-arm dance moves and other traits you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the “manly man” one might picture stomping around in a pair of boots made for the rough and rugged. Nevertheless, the team struck gold, and gave us another example of multichannel marketing done right.

What do you think? Is Ugg’s marketing to men a move in the right direction or an “ugh”-inducing misstep?