The Super Bowl is almost upon us. Aside from gluttonous eating, what are your plans? I’ll be watching with my dad and brother and other family friends. If you’re joining me in rooting against the Packers (it really isn’t for the Steelers), you can read on and learn all sorts of great stuff about email marketing. Later you’ll see why I only referred to the anti-Packers contingency.

Making Great Email Videos Part 4 – Basic Audio Editing

Part 4 takes it beyond trilogy and makes it a franchise, right? Follow along on this now epic journey of learning How to Make Great Email Videos.

Now Embed Email Videos with YouTube URL

YouTube tried to make things more complicated for you by adding a few extra embed options. To make things easier, just use the URL when embedding video into your email campaigns. Learn how to Embed Video Emails with YouTube URL.

Benchmark Presents: Marketing Online – Surveys and Email Polls

I somehow doubt Pierce’s insinuation that email marketing guides come from the oven. What’s next? Is he going to claim babies don’t come from storks? I don’t know what to believe any more. At least he makes an Airplane reference. Check out Benchmark’s new guide on Marketing Online: Surveys and Polls.

Valentine’s Day Email Templates to Share the Love

We’re giving you plenty of heads up for Valentine’s Day. Don’t blame us if your lack of planning leaves you in the dog house. Benchmark Has Valentine’s Day Newsletter Templates!

Fuzzy FISA Muddies the Canadian Email Marketing Waters

Raise your hand if you thought this article was going to be about a Muppet named Fuzzy FISA and his crazy antics in email marketing. Yeah, me too. What will he get into next? FISA Muddies the Canadian Email Marketing Waters.

How to Beat a Crazy Email Deadline

Part of me wishes that guest blogger Jordie van Rijn wrote this to the tune of “Beat It,” but he still did a great job anyways. Read as he teaches you how to Beat Crazy Email Newsletter Deadlines, and maybe just sing “Beat It” in your head.

Successfully Selling Wine Online: What You Need to Know

This is some risky business, and we’re not talking about Tom Cruise singing “Old Time Rock & Roll” in his boxers. Learn all about Selling Wine Online: What You Need to Know.

For the Food Trucks and the Foodies that Love ’em

One of my favorite parts of LA is the wide variety of food trucks available. Unless you follow the trucks on Twitter, the only way of finding them is usually by stumbling out of a bar and into a miracle. Paul is right here, not everyone is on Twitter. So Food Trucks, Expand with Email and Social Media!

Creating an Email Marketing Plan – What is the Ultimate Goal?

Denise asks some big questions in this post. Why are you here? Are your goals realistic? A brief life assessment later, I remembered she was only talking about email marketing. Find out all about Creating an Email Marketing Plan: The Ultimate Goal.

Piperlime Strikes Back with Email Segmentation

It was probably just a coincidence, but the latest email I received from Piperlime seemed like a direct response to my last post about their segmentation failure. Maybe I’m just hopeful that somebody reads my blogs. See how Piperlime Strikes Back with Email Segmentation.

New Complaints Can Come from Stale Email Campaigns (Part 3)

RJ is telling it like it is. Quick and to the point. Don’t buy lists! Purchased Lists Are Loaded With Spamtraps.

Customize a Super Bowl Email Template!

I’d first like to take a moment to thank Pierce for allowing me to call Packers fans dumb in this post. Made my day. Relive your best and worst Super Bowl memories and Customize an Email Template for the Big Game!