After doing your research online, you have come to the conclusion that email marketing could be a worthwhile venture for your small business. You see the potential benefits but are concerned that your team may be too stuck in their ways to realize the value. While nothing is guaranteed, there are some strong arguments you can make to sell that stubborn office on email marketing. Here’s what you do:

Stress the Cost Savings

Email is capable of delivering the same advertising experience of a direct mail campaign to the inbox, all without the need for paper and print material. This means the company is freed from printing, shipping and other related expenses. Since email marketing can be extremely targeted, there is no need to waste financial resources on reaching out to the wrong audience (all too common when investing in traditional advertising channels). If your office is working on a tight budget, the cost savings of email marketing could be hard to resist.

Highlight the Benefits of Enhanced Communication

Communication between brand and consumer is critical in any business relationship. For some businesses, this communication does not flow as smoothly as it should. Not only does an email marketing solution give you complete control of your message, it also gives you the ability to reach out when you have something good to share. More importantly, it facilitates two-way conversations that enable your customers to easily reach out to you when they have feedback, complaints, or decide they are ready to make another purchase. The more valuable your message, the more they will be willing to share it and help generate referrals. Selling your company on email’s viability as a communication tool could definitely get decision makers leaning toward your way of thinking.

Pump Up Its Effectiveness

When all else fails, don’t hesitate to pull out your trump card: pumping up email marketing and its effectiveness. Some techniques are overhyped, and some show a lot of promise. Email marketing, on the other hand, is a proven method that has been used with great success for some time now. From major corporations to flourishing startups, organizations across the globe are using it to educate, create awareness and drive additional sales. By sticking to the best practices and giving email marketing the attention and effort it deserves, your company can leverage this tool and enjoy the same rewards.

Sell Yourself First

Email marketing is one of the best tools around for connecting, engaging and building relationships with your target audience. Will your company buy into it? That all depends, but chances are your office is already using email in some capacity, and if this is the case, making your argument could be easier than you initially perceived. If you have truly done your homework and can present your argument in crystal clear fashion, there should be little to no reason for the team to fight you on this one.