I always thought that Cinco de Mayo was Mexico’s Independence Day. It’s not. Although it is a time for those living in the United States to celebrate their Mexican heritage and pride. In that way, it is like an Independence Day. After all, I generally spend Independence Day throwing back domestic brews and belting out “Proud to be an American” while draped in the red, white and blue. Swap out the domestic beers for some Coronas or Dos Equis and the red, white and blue for green, white and red and you’ve got yourself a rocking Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Living in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of opportunities for me to enjoy a Cinco de Mayo celebration or four. I’ll find a nice, authentic Mexican restaurant and enjoy me some fish tacos. I’m getting hungry just thinking of it.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your subscribers. Use a Benchmark Cinco de Mayo email template for a campaign worthy of the Most Interesting Man in the World. After all, I don’t always celebrate holidays that I can’t claim as my own, but when I do, I prefer Cinco de Mayo.