We’re just about done with January, and it’s the time to target February’s goals. Even though you might still be knee-deep in planning for the year, setting aside a content or marketing pow-wow to discuss what you’re going to do in February is crucial.

It’s a small window of time that lets you not lose the momentum of the New Year and – if you’ve been planning quarterly – it gives you the opportunity to implement some of the ideas sooner rather than later.

The best way to get started is to look at the dates on the calendar. Every country is different in terms of what dates might pop out, and every business might have varying signifiers for that month. However, some things are constant.

Groundhog Day
Though primarily a Western observation, Groundhog Day (February 2) is really about spring. This will work to your advantage even if you’re in the coldest of colds – because you doesn’t want to imagine a little spring. To kick off February, have an email marketing campaign that ties in the season, the weather, or even throws a cute “can you spot the groundhog” contest. The latter have been incredibly popular over the last month with various visual mazes that try to get you to spot something that’s different.

Super Bowl Sunday
Mostly an American thing, and mostly for sports lovers, Super Bowl Sunday is something really everyone can cash in on. If you’re industry caters to anything related to the world of men (and some women), you’re set. However, Super Bowl Sunday is also a potential gold mine for female industries. After all, what’s a better way to spend a day you know half the country’s population is checked out for? Shopping.

Valentine’s Day
This might be obvious, after all what do you need aside from heart lots of red and pink? However, this is the tougher one. Challenge yourself to think outside the box: what can you offer here or how can you host an email campaign that goes beyond just some discount? What people love are visuals that you can maybe print out or share…something that can be turned into a branded postcard for the month? Either way, visuals count for a lot during Valentine’s month, so make sure you’re planning now to give your graphic designer enough time to do their job.

President’s Day
It’s a day about leadership. This is your time to shine as a leader or honor those who have served. The challenge here is to find a way to make it personal. Maybe share some narratives of employees or clients/customers? A personal experience here takes it to a whole new level since everyone else is going to be doing the usual: sharing quotes from famous leaders.

Remember though, that any idea is only as good as the goal. The idea might be great but if it doesn’t help you toward your quarterly goals, it might not be the best approach. So consider the goals, your resources, and plan accordingly. Onward!