There’s a lot of wisdom in learning from the successes of others.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that’s the practical approach to growing as a marketer.

It’s important to gather inspiration, test your theories and improve based on your data.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share what has worked for Mommy Mundo.

Here is Mommy Mundo’s Email Marketing Story

We have been using Benchmark Email for almost five years.

Benchmark has been a partner of Mommy Mundo since almost the beginning.

We use Benchmark to build our mailing lists. You’ll see the Benchmark form on our home page of our website. When people signup, they’re automatically added to our mailing lists.

Mommy Mundo Signup Form

Our team loves how easy Benchmark is to use.

The dashboard is very easy to navigate. Even laying out the email newsletters are very easy!

Plus, of course, if you have any questions the service that you get is very fast regarding response time.

I think another plus is the reporting analytics, such as seeing how many people opened your email or how many bounced back. Things like that have been very useful to us.

So, I always recommend Benchmark to my MomPreneur partners and friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

I believe that nowadays relationship building is a key element in business. Especially for businesses like ours where we service the community, and it’s important for us to always be in touch with the people we serve and our community members.

For any business that hopes to establish relationships with customers, email marketing is essential.

If you have a website, why not have a tool to:

  • get leads
  • know who is visiting your website
  • welcome them into your community
  • make them partners
  • be in touch with them on a regular basis
  • encourage repeat business

Now, more and more, marketing is about relationships and Benchmark is one of the tools we use to build that.

Janice Villanueva

Founder, Mommy Mundo

Key Takeaways

So, what can you learn from what has worked for Mommy Mundo?

Grow Your List

Your list of contacts is an asset you own and is yours to keep no matter the platform. Marketing channels will change, but that list of individuals you have built a relationship with will always be there.

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Share Your Story

Do you have an email marketing success story you want to share? Tell us in the comments!