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Summary: Benchmark’s Email Marketing App Gets High Praise From The App Champ

Benchmark’s Email Marketing App Gets High Praise From The App Champ
The free app for iPhones, which lets users gather email addresses and send email campaigns on the fly, earns a positive review at The App Champ Website.

Los Alamitos, Calif, Nov. 23, 2012 — Benchmark’s email marketing iPhone app, which lets users gather email addresses, send out bulk emails and more, has earned a stellar review at the app-focused Website, The App Champ. Created by global, do-it-yourself email marketing service provider, Benchmark, the iPhone app is given a full run-down of features on The App Champ, which posts news and objective reviews of iPhone, Android and iPad apps.

“We’re very proud of our iPhone app and how it makes email marketing on the go quick and simple, but we’re twice as pleased that The App Champ has given it the thumbs up,” says Curt Keller, CEO of Benchmark Email. “The App Champ is swiftly becoming the go-to authority on all things app, so to earn the trust of their objective review team is a real bonus for us.”

The Benchmark iPhone app, found in the app store, allows users to see in real-time how many emails were opened, which ones bounce, and more, after the user sends out an email campaign. The most recent update to the iOS includes 10 templates for creating emails, as well as the ability to send video and images in email marketing campaigns. The app also integrates Google Analytics, delivering sophisticated tracking that you can monitor from the palm of your hand.

Benchmark Email offers paid email plans, and include hundreds of customizable email templates, sophisticated reports, and robust list management tools. Clients can sign up for a free or paid account at

About Benchmark Email
Benchmark Email is the world’s first truly global email marketing service, with award-winning, Web-based bulk email tools in Spanish, German, simple Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and English. As the #1 do-it-yourself email service for businesses of all sizes, Benchmark Email offers the most flexible, user-friendly and affordable tools for sending and tracking email newsletters from the Web, desktops, smartphones and tablets. With an extremely diverse client base ranging from small businesses to nonprofit organizations, and a customer service team that’s seen as the best in the business, Benchmark boasts thousands of loyal, satisfied customers in America, Asia, Europe and beyond.