They say the subject line is your email campaign’s first impression. That’s true. However, with the use of a preheader you get a second chance at your first impression. The preheader is that bit of text that follows the subject line and appears in most inbox clients. Benchmark Email’s new Preview Text feature allows you a quick and easy way to manage what your subscribers will see in the preheader.

Like a too small yet overpriced apartment in New York City, maximizing limited space is key. This advanced feature allows you to do just that in the inbox. It can also help boost the open rates of your email campaigns. The most important information should still remain in your subject line, and the preheader text is there to reinforce it.

It’s important to note that there’s still a few inbox clients that don’t display the preheader. However, for everyone else the Preview Text feature is available for all regular campaigns, RSS campaigns and autoresponders when you’re using the Drag & Drop, Cose or Classic Editor. It does not be seen in the text version of your HTML emails and is also not available in the Plain Text Editor.

We’ve created a helpful FAQ to show you how to put the Preview Text to use.