When I first came across Zilicus and the host of features it offered for project management needs, I couldn’t help but think the platform had evolved far beyond just an online project management tool, and into a whip-carrying project manager and lord overseer of projects great and small. Reading their informative blogs reaffirmed that initial impression. Fortunately, the actual platform is a lot less intimidating to use – so what you get is military-like efficiency and planning, with the ease and familiarity we’ve come to expect of great platforms.

With Zilicus, you get desktop-like performance, transparency and accountability for all team members and involved clients, tools for all team members so they can stay active and informed, managed tasks at all levels for smooth progress, organized documents and resources accessible to all so there’s no hunting or waiting around for files, and a real-time bird’s eye view of your project’s status.

Project Management – Zilicus offers a platform that walks you through the entire project cycle. Users get help with planning, tracking, management, collaboration, resource/document management, timesheet tracking, issue management, risk management, project calendar and reports. While other project management platforms do the same, none include timesheet tracking, calendar, reports and issue/risk management.

Reporting – Project managers will also appreciate the reporting features included in the platform. Rather than spend hours going over notes and creating reports, use the feature to create custom reports, get real time updates and project vitality, and extract reports to analyze project data.

Organogram – Most people haven’t heard of an organogram. Most project managers haven’t even heard of it. But successful project managers will know exactly what this is – a hierarchy that clearly identifies the structure of a group or association, and in our case a project team. This is critical for functionality since it identifies responsibilities and superiors at the start of a project, so everyone knows who to go to. If you don’t have a platform that offers this, and if you don’t even create some type of paper to pencil organogram, you’re guaranteed to have the proverbial chickens without heads running around trying to “work” on your project.

Zilicus approaches an organogram with a very technical and scientific approach. Newbies and small business owners should be thwarted by how technical the information may come across it. Rather, understand that it’s essentially a family tree style structure that tells you who’s who. And in Zilicus, you’ve got a team that’s created a platform from a technical eye that knows what you need to deliver a successful project.

Risk Management – For anyone that’s spearheaded a group as project manager, you’ll know of the inevitable project gremlins that pop up to launch boulder-sized monkey wrenches to thwart your progress. Zilicus understand this, as well as the devastating effect it has on delivery and reputation. Their risk management resources are designed for just that. Users can use the Risk Manager feature to register a risk where any team member can submit a new issue, view it and update it. Project managers can evaluate the risk, assess probabilities and create a response plan. (Speaking of risk, Zilicus also offers data security.)

Affordability – Zilicus has charity-like rates. You get one plan, all the bells and whistles for just under $15 a month per user.