Sandbox was founded in 2011 when the two co-founders discovered the need for an administration software in the childcare industry. Looking at other players in this industry, they quickly noticed that there were only a few options available and they were cumbersome to work in and outdated.

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They set out to develop a solution that would make it easier for owners and early educators to manage their daily activities at the center. By meeting with a number of local centers they were able to find out more about the needs and wants of childcare workers and early educators.

Fast forward 8 years, Sandbox is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the childcare space with over 80,000 users across North America. They have also recently received Two awards from Gartner Digital Markets for ‘Best Value’ and ‘Best Ease of Use.’

The Sandbox Software team

Sandbox Software’s mission is to innovate through technology to enable childcare centers to grow their business and optimize the learning experiences for their families.

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I found Benchmark Email to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. I was a little concerned about the flexibility of the email editing, however, I found it easy to start working in and it allowed me to create professional looking emails.

Gavin Wieske – Marketing Manager at Sandbox

Raising the Bar: The Plan

Sandbox was looking for an email service provider that boasted both fast and easy campaign creation options to help them build and maintain their brand.

Raising the Bar: The Challenge

Sandbox hadn’t found a solution that offered an adaptable enough email editor for their needs. They felt that other solutions lacked the formatting options to complete their vision. Sandbox had no way to stay connected with users and prospects, which made it difficult for them to establish relationships, build their brand and stay top of mind.

Raising the Bar: The Key

Benchmark provided Sandbox with a simple and powerful drag and drop editor which allowed them to create beautiful emails. That made it easy for Sandbox to keep their customers and other interested parties engaged.

Raising the Bar: The Payoff

Before using Benchmark, Sandbox had no way to stay connected with their customers and followers. Now, Sandbox has over 3,000 email subscribers and a 25% open rate on their emails!

Let’s look at how they’ve done it:

Above the Fold

Sandbox Software email above the fold

It’s necessary to delivery value with every email that hits a subscriber’s inbox. What could be more important than the safety of your children?! Plus, learning is always more fun in graphic form. It’s also a great choice for the hero image, with the smiling children, that does a great job of carrying their brand into the email. Plus, there is a clear Call To Action (CTA) that cannot be missed by subscribers.

Social Proof

Sandbox Software email social proof

Customer testimonials can go a long way towards attracting new subscribers and re-affirming the choices of your current customers. Plus, it can help sway any leads and prospects on your email list. After all, studies have shown that almost 70 percent of consumers will look to an online review before making a purchase. The graphic elements carry over from the hero image and continue the fun branding of Sandbox as the subscriber scrolls down.

Delivering Value with Good Content


Sandbox Software email blog contentYour newsletter can be one of the best drivers of traffic to your blog. Sharing your best posts via email is an excellent strategy and Sandbox does this well here. They give you just enough of a teaser to pique your interest and a clear CTA to get you to click-through to the blog. It’s important to create engagement with the emails you’re sending and so far through this email Sandbox offers several great click oppotunities.

The More You Know

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Getting a subscriber to download your app can keep them around longer. It creates “stickiness” with your subscribers and customers. Also, your email subscribers may not be your social media followers. Give subscribers an opportunity to be both.

With such a well-executed email, it’s no wonder Sandbox Software has been able to create good engagement and grow their email list.

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