It was a pleasure to bring Rand Fishkin back to the Heart of Business, as he begins to ignite SparkToro, his latest endeavor.

Hear our first conversation with Rand Fishkin, where we talk all things SEO.

The invite to return to the podcast went out the day he announced he was leaving Moz and starting SparkToro. We just had to hear what the former Wonderful Wizard of Moz was getting into next.

I think the bias toward, ‘you know…hey…there’s only one way to be successful’ is kind of [BS]. So this time around I am intentionally avoiding that.

It turns out he’s got some pretty awesome stuff brewing with SparkToro. He told us all about it, and we can’t wait to see what it will become. He also shared details about his newly released book, Lost and Founder.

As a Content Manager, my favorite part of his chat with Rand was our conversation about content. We talked about how to create great content and the importance of transparency.

  • 1:28 – What is SparkToro?
  • 4:11 – On life after Moz
  • 7:43 – There’s not just one way to succeed
  • 11:39 – Understanding your audience
  • 20:06 – How transparency can make you the king of content
  • 30:58 – His new book: Lost and Founder