Know where I’m eating for lunch today? Baja Fresh. And it’s not just because their food tastes great. Truth is, there are lots of great tasting meal options around the Benchmark Email offices. So why am I in such a rush to spend my money there today? The answer is simple: they made me cry last night.

I’m a Sucker for a Good Story

I’ve heard of Undercover Boss, the show where a CEO masquerades as a normal employee in the stores they command, but I never had the chance to watch it until yesterday. Well, what a great start! Turns out David Kim is a great family guy who respects his hard working employees. I saw him give away thousands to manager Rami to go back to school and thousands to help cashier Anthony be closer to his mother. The crying moment came when he gifted a whole franchise to Jose, who epitomized what David Kim looked for in a company person.

I Wouldn’t Have Known if No One Told Me

This story came to me by way of a repeat showing on the TLC channel. Some of you may feel like you’d rather do your good deeds in quiet, unbeknownst to the public. You know what I say? I say that when there’s a choice between buying a great tasting burrito at a faceless store or one where I know there’s a culture of character, I’m spending my money where the good people are. It’s simple. I can savor my meal with a smile knowing that each bite is indirectly altruistic.

Get Your Story Out There However You Can

I’ll admit it, I’m not on Baja Fresh’s email marketing list yet. And you might not have a shot at being on TV this month. But I would respond to this story if it came via email too. Baja Fresh had the luxury of a TV show showcasing both their kind-hearted boss and their attention to quality and food safety.

People like to hear about you if you do it tastefully. If you can unfold it in a personal story instead of a boasting manner, it’s even better. So maybe get someone to write about your good deeds and put it in your next newsletter. You just might get my lunch money.