Spoiler alert: Your hosts of the Heart of Business podcast are really big email nerds.

Not surprised? That makes sense.

That’s why it was inevitable that we’d invite the folks behind Really Good Emails to join us on the podcast. Matt Helbig did not disappoint us.

We talk about what the site is and how it came to be.

Matt also offered some intel on the advantages of having a passion project.

If you ever wanted to know what email marketing professionals consider to be really good emails and which one makes them cringe, this episode is for you.

The number one thing that rings true when we look for emails that we always come back to is that the content serves a customer more than the company. That always kind of holds true with all the different emails.

We also looked to the future and discuss what email marketers have to look forward to.

  • 1:12 – What is Really Good Emails and how did it begin?
  • 6:28 – Tips on managing a side hustle
  • 9:14 – How to communicate when your whole team is remote
  • 11:52 – What makes a really good email?
  • 16:20 – What in an email campaign makes them cringe?
  • 21:55 – Matt’s hopes for email marketers
  • 26:21 – Where Matt got started with email marketing