Ever since the dawn of email marketing nearly two decades ago, the art and science of promotional emails has been consistently evolving while continually being enhanced in terms of credibility and reliability. Even though an inordinate number of more conventional online marketing tools faded into oblivion with the appearance of tablets and smartphones, email marketing experienced an across the board boost thanks to the ease of reading emails wherever the subscriber is located. Much of the most current research proves that any online marketer seeking to actively engage their customer base has no channel available to them which is more effective than email marketing.

You can’t just crank out generic email campaigns

According to a recent study by ExactTarget, almost four out of every five the users prefer receiving permission-based promotional messages through email, with 45% of those email recipients making at least one purchase thanks to a promotional email message. This doesn’t necessarily mean that brands can just crank out generic email campaigns and expect high open and conversion rates. You should compile a profile for every customer, containing information like demographics, interests and behavior. Using this type of insightful data you can then proceed to segment the customers into multiple categories and send different messages to each category based on their needs and interests. Marketing programs with differentiated mailer campaigns are known to produce up to 50% higher click through rates.

Email marketing provides superlative ROI

A just released Econsultancy report shows that among online marketers who have implemented advanced segmentation strategies, 68% rate their email Return On Investment (ROI) as “good” to “excellent.” The Direct Marketing Association continues to prove that the ROI which email marketers enjoy produces more than forty dollars for each dollar invested, and that translates into an outstanding level of profitability by any measurement! When we consider that some businesses are perfectly happy to achieve a ROI of just pennies on the dollar, email marketing should be considered as overwhelmingly effective!

Cater to the needs of your customers

The BlueHornet 2013 Consumer Views on Email Marketing study discovered that more than 80% of respondents opt-in to receive emails just to stay updated for any discounts offered. Another 63% said that they might proceed to a purchase after reading an email on their mobile devices. With today’s price-sensitive market, it is crucial to deliver value to your customers in order to create a win-win situation for both you and them. It is critical to fully comprehend where you customers are in the buying cycle and educate them, building their confidence in your brand and improving your relationship. Email marketing shouldn’t only be seen as a tool that brings immediate results, but also one that builds long-term relationships and loyalty.

Make email marketing a part of a larger strategy

BlueHornet’s research also showed that 82% of the respondents have landed into the promotional email lists through sign-up forms on a brand’s website and 53% have given their email to a sales representative during their purchase. Another 40% have been guided through a brand’s social site. These are some of the most effective ways to get your prospects to sign up to your email newsletters. Focus on these key aspects in order to ensure that all of your email marketing campaigns are as persuasive as they can possibly be and provide a more convincing ROI. Always keep in mind that email marketing works best as an integral part of a larger marketing and branding initiative in order to obtain the most successful and powerful results. Your promotional messages should be aligned with your latest marketing campaign, as only through an incisive mix of multiple marketing channels delivering the same message you can reinforce your message and reach out to an even larger audience.

Today’s users receive an overwhelming amount of information in their inboxes each and every day and therefore these campaigns need to be carefully planned keeping their requirements and preferences in mind. Email marketing is booming through the mobile revolution and online marketers can rest assured that it will continue to be the leading form of promotional communication for many years to come.