Even though marketing is one of those industries where you constantly have to learn new ways of doing things, it can be challenging to implement new ideas into a new marketing persona. The fact is, chances are you’re learning new ideas but you’re still the same old you. Reinventing your marketing persona requires a constant vigilance in being aware of where your gaps are, what you’re learning, how you’re learning it or implementing it, and whether you’re mindful of your environment and what you’re doing to constantly evolve that environment too. It sounds like a lot but it’s really not – it’s more of a cultivated mindset that is achievable with practice.

Being Aware of Where Your Gaps Are

Every business and every marketer is different. Sure you have standards in what you need to know and how you need to execute certain functions, but there cut and dry way of being a marketer. Having worked in marketing for a top agency, a start-up, and running my own boutique agency, along with freelancing, I’ve learned that each environment is different. You have to pay close attention where you see repeat patterns of failure or frustration in your environment – and there’ll you have your gaps.

Your gap could be in how you strategize, execute, communicate, project manage, or any number of other areas. It may involve your direct role or it may be something that affects your department or another department you interact with.

Once you’re aware of your gaps, you can hone in on that specific areas a place for improvement and reinventing yourself. This way you’re not taking a sweeping (and frankly ineffective) approach to you 2.0, but you’re applying laser-like focus in targeting weak areas.

What You’re Learning

You’re probably tossed into random training sessions at your workplace, attending various seminars or browsing through the latest issue of Fast Co. to see how you can sharpen your skills. Again, this is a very wide net. As a marketer you have an insane amount of demands on your plate and very little time to do it all in. So in order to be effective, be mindful of what you’re learning and where your time is going. If it doesn’t apply to an identified gap, move on. That said, this is different than being mindful of and working to evolve your environment, which we’ll get to below.

How You’re Learning It

Once you have identified your gaps and begin seeking resources to overcome challenges, the next step is being aware of how you’re learning. This means that it’s not enough to just try and improve upon yesterday. Ask yourself if you’re functionally taking what needs to learned and applying it in a way that gets you the results. For example, it’s not enough to just know that your company needs to allocate more hours in the day so they have time to get things done. Putting what you’re learning into practice would mean setting up something like a “no meeting Wednesday” so you can be sure that they have uninterrupted work days to focus on important projects.

Being Mindful of Your Evolving Environment

You’ve seen the push for creative office spaces with playful environments, no walls, and more casual atmospheres. That whole trend comes from breaking down mental barriers that keep you from exploring new ideas. But you don’t necessarily need a high-end creative office environment to make that happen. You can create a similar effect in whatever space you have to work in. And more importantly, you can cultivate your experiences so that you’re around creative, insightful, and informed people. Your environment isn’t just the four walls around you – it’s whose around you.