April 16th is National Stress Awareness Day. My initial thoughts and ideas for activities on this day involved masseuses at every cubicle and probably a happy hour involving fruity drinks with umbrellas. How much more fun and less stressful would that make work? Unless you work as a masseuse. Then I realized, the least stressful thing I could think of was not being pampered at work…it was not working at all (no I’m not on a mission to see how many times I can write about not wanting to work before my bosses say something – I quite enjoy this job).

Customize a Benchmark email template and alert your subscribers to National Stress Awareness Day. Suggest ways to make the workplace less stressful. Push back deadlines that might be due that day. If you’re a teacher, avoid tests and especially pop quizzes this day. Maybe even have someone come in and teach stress relief techniques to your office.

As an email marketer, these funny little holidays are the perfect opportunity for an email marketing campaign. People like funny, and they’ll remember it. Not only that, they’ll be more likely to share it with their friends. Funny goes viral, people. Enjoy your National Stress Awareness Day, because if you don’t…you’re missing the point.