Sometimes, a company can be like that one friend we all had in our high school crew. Always borrows money and never repaying back, taking our clothes and returning it with ketchup stains, or calls you whenever they have problems but never pick up their phones when you call them.

Selfishness is one of the deal breakers when it comes to the demise of a relationship, and the same can be said about businesses and customers. Yes, buying and selling goods is much more than just a money transaction, it has to be a relationship where each party provides something for the other; a customer provides sales and recommendations to their family and friends, while the company thoroughly researches what the customer needs and finds ways to provide for them.

There are some well-recognized brands that do just that; they listen to customers and take action. Most importantly, their customer service is consecutive. Whatever the public asks, they deliver. Whatever the customers ask 3 months later, they deliver too, also incorporating the same requests as before. That’s how you know that a company wants to give you the best service possible; it’s if they remember and keep track of all things you have ever asked for.

For example, Trader Joe’s has earned its good reputation by listening to what products their local community requests to see, and stocks their stores with them. They were even used allergy labels before they were required.

Samsung, who had previously been voted as the “worst customer service ever,” turned over a new leaf by establishing its first worldwide customer service campaign that offers a free app for online support, as well as how-to videos so customers can get help on the spot.

Of course,, who wins all around for their outstanding service by each and every one of their customers, has a unique approach to catering to their customers…by imagining that their customer is right there in their meetings. According to Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, he occasionally leaves an empty chair in the boardroom meetings so that the team can imagine what the “customer’s” input may be for each for their ideas.

What it really boils down to is before even thinking about making your product, think about how your customers would want it. What is equally important is documenting each of your customers’ input. What did they like or dislike about it, how many times have they called to ask for step by step instructions, did they suggest what things can be improved, etc.

Logistically speaking, the times, dates, and durations of interactions for each customer should be recorded as well. The way to win their hearts is if their request is granted as soon as they call in or chat support. There may be an instant where a client needs a phone call back while another one is not as urgent. As a company rep, you need to know which one needs what at any given time.

That’s why as your brand and audience begins to grow, so does your need for a powerful and reliable CRM system. A simple software that can organize each client’s information seamlessly so you can retrieve any fact you want instantly. Organized and fast information, leads to a better customer service, which then leads to a satisfied customer.

Adding on to that, creating specific campaigns that suits their needs is equally important. Try Benchmark-Salesforce free and easy to use plugin to engage with your contacts and improve your business relationships.