A post by Craig McBreen on his site entitled “4 Essential Practices For Online Success (or How To Choose Yourself)” highlighted some critical tips that can be leveraged by online marketers of every ilk in order to get noticed and obtain solid and verifiable results in any form of campaign. McBreen starts out with a striking quote from online marketing deity Seth Godin discussing how prior to the Industrial Revolution in the mid-18th century there was no unemployment as jobs as we know them today literally did not exist. Everyone in those days was self-employed and whether they engaged in a craft, a mercantile activity, or just tilling the fields, they were responsible for their own income. Godin extrapolates that we’re heading back into that direction and that it’s important to pick yourself for achievement and not wait for anyone to pick you. That fundamental concept lies at the heart of his enlightening perspective on self-responsibility in the online century.

Strive to be a Chief in the online tribe

McBreen analyzes the phenomenon of humanity returning to a tribal state, but this time the online paradigm takes the place of sitting around the fire wearing deer skins. He states that if your primary goal is to enrich yourself then you have to completely re-evaluate your motivations, but if you are participating in a community mainly to connect with other people and provide value from your expertise and experience, then you will readily gravitate into a position where that community will begin to see you as a thought leader and authoritative source. If you approach your online communities from that standpoint, then the money will just come in and as of itself, without you having to resort to mere hucksterism.

Search engines are the enemies of scams

The blog goes on to discuss the question of transparency and how you should never fear the truth. The internet can be seen as a gigantic globe-spanning truth machine. It has become nearly impossible for anyone to misrepresent themselves or their wares as a simple Google search will quickly uncover whatever you’re trying to hide. Since there is no way to effectively deceive anyone about anything any longer, then it’s not even worth the time or the effort to try. Internet users will see through any scam, so abandoning any attempt to fool others is the wisest policy. Engage yourself only in activities which have a positive result for all involved, and learn to embrace the spirit of win-win. You’ll be far more successful and sleep better at night too.

Have your unique & quirky personality shine through your content

When Paul Anka penned “My Way” and Frank Sinatra’s vocals embedded it firmly into the culture of the 20th century, they were not aware that they were also providing a guideline for establishing your persona on the next century’s internet. Online users the world over are literally drowning in content, and the vast majority of it is gray, bland, and soulless. So unless you are the Einstein of online marketing and are able to bring genius concepts to the cyberverse which have never been imagined before, your best approach is to personalize your content so that your unique and quirky personality shines right through. People will be drawn to your personality and it will make your offerings stand out in their minds… which is the essence of any marketing strategy!

Set Disruptors to Kill

Similarly, online marketers who adopt the wallflower approach to just doing more of the same old same old are bound for a quick trip to disappointment and eventual failure. Set your Disruptors to Kill and shake up everything you can, as much as you can, just stopping short of antagonizing or alienating other participants. If you are able to consistently do the opposite of what is expected and draw positive results, then you are a marketing master and you will go far in this Brave New Online World.

McBreen, Godin, and the other advocates of self-starting are right: Don’t sit around waiting for someone to hand you the online marketing Holy Grail, you have to go out there and get it yourself!