I fancy myself as rather clever, but I don’t possess the prankster bone. A couple years ago I went on an Alaskan cruise with my family. My cousin gave me the tickets for a day trip we would be taking the next day and a stern reminder not to forget them. She and her boyfriend were going to meet us at the shuttle, as they were going to leave the ship early to look around. I was deemed most responsible between my brother, another cousin and myself. I decided I was going to pretend to have lost them the next day, being the smartypants that I am. I figured that would show her for doubting me.

As we walked to the shuttle to embark on our day trip, she asked if I had the tickets. I first pretended not to have them, intending to proudly wave them in her face once she’d had her freak out. Until I realized that I actually did not have them. Red faced, I turned and bolted back to the ship (almost a mile away). I did find the tickets, wedged in between pages of my camera manual. Then I had to run back to the shuttle just in time for them to board and have my entire family laugh at me.

I hope that some of you guys have had more success as Merry Pranksters. This April Fool’s, share your best ones with your subscribers with an April Fool’s Day email template. Get it out before the first, and you can possibly share your expertise with your readers. I know I could have used some advice in years past. It’s probably a better idea than pranking your subscribers. You don’t want to offend anyone.

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