We’ve done plenty to convince you of the benefits of social networking integration with email marketing. Both channels will be strongest when you use them together, and to promote one another. Today we’re here to give you the tools. Benchmark Email introduced several new templates to promote your social networking pages.

Free Social Networking Templates from Benchmark Email






These templates can be found on our HTML Email Templates page. Scroll down to our categories and you’ll find them in the Social Media section. Choose which social network you would like to promote with an email campaign. In the editor, add your profile picture. You can do this by selecting the box the profile picture will go in. Select the placeholder image and click Image from the Insert Additional Elements menu on the left. Next, select the box with the icon for the specific social networking site. Click on the image, and hit Insert Link in the Insert Additional Elements menu on the left.

Be sure to tell your subscribers the benefits of following you on your social networking pages. Perhaps even run a contest or promotion on those channels to entice the recipient to follow your social pages. Once they learn how awesome all your social networking pages are, they will tell their followers to follow you. That’s when you promote your email campaigns on your social networking pages and bring it full circle. “The Circle of Social Networking Integration”…the lesser known Elton John ditty.