These might not be new features, but little improvements help the CRM work with you and not against you.

You can now send to email addresses that have a + in the address

Many ESPs like Gmail allow the user to put a + symbol and any string of characters after the plus sign so that users can create email aliases instantly. So your emails to will now reach because google and now the CRM accommodate that kind of thing.

Support Ticket Dashboard Sorting

It now is a lot faster to sort your views and columns on the support ticket dashboard

Bounce Notifications to Sending User

If you send an email to a contact or lead and it bounces, the CRM system will send you an email to let you know there could be a problem. In general, the email server will try to deliver the email multiple times before a soft bounce becomes a hard bounce

Worldwide Currencies

You are now able to show your currency type fields (like in opportunities) with more than just $USD, Euro and Pound. All major currency names and symbols are supported now.

Home Page Remembers Reports Preferences

If you choose to set your home page reports tab open or closed, your preference will be remembered and stored.

Easier MyBCC name

The format of your MyBCC address is a very easy to remember format as:

user first name + user last name + user company name


Contextually Aware Send Email Shortcut

Now when you click on the Create Email button in the right nav menu, the system will detect the page you’re on to save you time:

  • If you’re on a lead or contact record, it will be pre-loaded in the email TO field
  • If you’re on an opportunity, ticket, organization or project record, it will be pre-loaded in the email RELATED field

Import with xls and xlsx files

Previously, importing records required a CSV file. We’ve expanded your options to accommodate your Excel-type files with the extensions: .xls and .xlsx.

Sped up Autosuggest

Autosuggest helps you find your lead or contact when creating an email. By typing the first few letters of your contact or lead’s name, the CRM will prompt matches for you. Our development engineers have sped this process up.

Automations: Triggers/Field Update: fields in alphabetical order

Fields here used to show up based on your layout field order. We’ve found it much easier to find the field you want when it’s in alphabetical order.

And more to come

We will continue to bring you both big features and small improvements every month. It’s what we do as we strive to be the best CRM for small business. But don’t let our powerfully simple philosophy approach fool you. We are simply powerfully enough for small enterprise, too!

Author Bio:

by Paul Rijnders

Paul Rijnders is the Product Strategy Manager for Benchmark Email, where his focus includes product development, research, technical writing, feature development, testing and launching of SaaS products and iOS apps that interact with our software via API. He is the human junction between the executive and marketing teams that request the product, the IT team that builds the back end, the design team that creates the front end, the content team that gives the product a voice and the eager sales and support teams who will eventually take delivery of the product. Paul is a product of the CSUF advertising program, He now rounds out his schedule teaching college level courses to multi-media undergrads on two California campuses.