>Pop Culture has long found its way into marketing. It has become more prevalent than ever with the growth of social media. Now, all it takes is a single update to tie your brand into any major event. There was the guerrilla marketing tactics at the World Cup, Oreos’ cashing in on the Super Bowl blackout, our Ask Andy series and so much more.

We asked some of our favorite that use pop culture in their marketing efforts and asked them to share some tips. Soon, you’ll be crafting a pitch like Don Draper and master-minding your marketing efforts with the precision of Walter White. Or … spoofing Crosby Stills Nash and Young and skewering business jargon all at the same time (thanks Weird Al).

As always, there will be a great giveaway. Appropriately, it’s a prize from a company that could give a master class on pop culture in marketing. Apple first did it when they combined John Lennon, Muhammad Ali and more in their famous “Think Different” commercial and their iDevices themselves have become a part of pop culture itself. Retweet this or any post in our series “Snap! Crackle! Pop Culture: A Big Bowl of Marketing Fun” to be entered to win an iPad Mini. You must follow @BenchmarkEmail on Twitter to be eligible to win. The giveaway ends Monday, July 28th at 9:00am PDT. Good luck!