I want to thank everyone who participated in the #BenchmarkTips tweet-a-tip contest last week. Scrolling through the hashtags, there was a lot of great info shared by our followers. It was good to know that so many of them had so many valuable tips to share. So much so, that I wanted to share the best ones with you here:

Best Benchmark Tips

  1. @Alex_Bland: #BenchmarkTips When creating subject lines use A,B subject line tests & ask colleagues who are not #marketers the results can be surprising!

    Testing is essential. Even if it’s just a matter of getting fresh eyes on something. Just because you understand how you meant to say something, doesn’t mean that’s how a subscriber will interpret it. Gauge it’s effectiveness with a small sample audience.

  2. @EBAutographs: #Benchmarktips be transparent in your subject line. Quicker you can relay your message the better your chances of winning their attention

    A short, succinct subject line is your best bet to make sure your subscribers absorb it. Just don’t pull the bait and switch on them. Make sure your content delivers on the promise of the subject line.

  3. @thekales: Scrub your email lists after every campaign to keep your marketing emails going to the people who read them. #BenchmarkTips

    List hygiene is essential to the success of your email marketing efforts. Make sure the subscribers on your email list are the ones who want to hear from you and interact with you. Quantity does not equal quality when it comes to your email list.

  4. @SXSWhine: @BenchmarkEmail Social media is not a 9-5 job. Some of the best conversations happen late at night or on the weekends. #BenchmarkTips

    Not everyone can sit on Facebook and Twitter all day (sorry, guys). Some of the most active times on those networks fall on nights and weekends. Be there when your audience is.

  5. @JddC810: #BenchmarkTips TIMING MATTERS. Send out your email blast when your demographic will be most likely to read it. Open rates will rise. PLAN.

    The tips says it all. I’ll just add that testing is the best way to find out when your own audience is most likely to open your emails. It varies from industry to industry and even business to business. There is no one right answer.

  6. @ShireenQudosi: The best #copywriting is sincere and heartfelt – and conversational language is key #BenchmarkTips #ContentMarketing #Content Development

    Anyone who has read most anything I’ve written for Benchmark Email knows I feel strongly about this tip. I write the way I talk and I hope it reads that way. It brings the reader into the conversation, rather than speaking at them.

  7. @JillKoenig: @BenchmarkEmail Most important email marketing tip is CONSISTENCY! Email on the same day at same time each week builds trust #BenchmarkTips

    If you’re doing it right, your subscribers will be looking forward to your email campaigns. If they know when to expect it, they’ll search for it in their inbox.

  8. @BME_Francis: The Three P’s. Make sure efforts have a Purpose. Convey genuine Passion for your niche. Establish Presence by engaging. #BenchmarkTips

    It’s a great checklist (I swear I’m not just sucking up to my boss). Ask yourself if your email satisfies each P before you send it off.

  9. @TheInternetSnob: @benchmarkemail Your campaigns should not be judged in numbers. Strive for quality interactions. It builds from there. #benchmarktips

    Your opens or CTR may not be as high as you hoped right off the bat. Focus on the positive, and fix the negative. Capitalize on those that did respond and work to build your numbers.

  10. @Deemms: Content should inspire, inform, connect and fit your overall mission for your organization. #BenchmarkTips

    Another solid checklist to abide by. If you can manage to be all of those things in your email campaigns, your subscribers will show their appreciation.