The question should never be email marketing or social media. The answer is all of the above. Really, it’s a Captain Planet “let our powers combine” situation. You can use email marketing to boost the success of your social media and vice versa. Benchmark Email offers several social media features and integrations that make this incredibly easy.

Automatically Post To Facebook And Twitter Upon Hitting Send

It’s easy to boost the reach of your email campaigns beyond your email subscribers. One of the best ways to do this is to push your emails to Facebook and Twitter as well. With Benchmark Email, you can do it all in one fell swoop. During the 1st step of the email creation process, on the Describe Email page, you just flip the switch to Sent to Twitter and to Integrate with Facebook.

Social Share Buttons
This is another great way to increase the reach of your email campaigns. I receive a Thrillist email in my inbox every morning. Often (almost always) it’s a great list of the best bahn mi sandwiches or the new restaurants I should be trying. Sometimes, I share them on Facebook in search of companions for those food excursions. All my Facebook friends may not be Thrillist subscribers, but they get to see the emails too. With one click of the mouse, you can add social sharing buttons to your email.

social share buttons

Social Media Email Templates
Your subscribers may not be your social media followers and those that follow you on social media may not be your email subscribers. Benchmark Email offers you a simple solution to close that gap. We have a handful of templates tailored to match your social pages. Ask your subscribers to join you over on those platforms. Just make sure you do two things:

  1. Offer a variety of content on all platforms so as to give your subscribers and followers a reason to pay attention in each place.
  2. Make sure there is great content on the social page that you’re promoting. All the work on the email side is for naught, if there isn’t great content to back it up.

Add Social Icons To Your Emails
Another way to promote your social pages from the email side is to add social media icons to your email campaigns. Not the ones that will share the email, just ones that link your subscribers to your pages. Rather than dedicate an entire email to promoting your social pages, you can seamlessly add it to your regularly scheduled campaign.
Put A Signup Form On Your Facebook Page
You can also promote email via the social side of the equation. Place a signup form for your newsletters directly on your Facebook page. Your Facebook fans can join your email list without even having to leave Facebook.