Certain industries have more trouble harnessing the power of social media than others. It’s not always easy to get Facebook and Twitter users excited about auto insurance. Car insurance is a necessary evil, something cautious drivers often wish they didn’t have to pay for. It’s not necessarily something consumers want to think about when they’re looking at their friends’ wedding photos on Facebook. That’s not to say auto insurance companies can’t successfully market themselves in the social media realm. They just have to do so boldly and creatively. They have to catch people’s attention and sustain it.

If you’re in the car insurance industry and are trying to figure out how to step up your social media marketing game, here are a few things you can try out:

Brand Yourself in an Amusing, Interesting Way

People use social media because it entertains them. The people and companies they watch on social media sites are usually entertaining or interesting in some way. Flo, Progressive’s quirky spokesperson, has almost 20,000 followers on Twitter. Her tweets are almost always funny and add something of value to the Twitter community because they’re funny. Flo isn’t just a success on Twitter because she’s a television personality. She’s also a success because she’s amusing.

When your company uses social media, it should strive to add value. This means that you should share content that will actually interest people because it’s entertaining, insightful or notable in some way. Avoid tweeting about how great your company is, and think of things you can say and share that will actually attract visitors on social networking sites. Avoid being dull.

Try Out Giveaways

If you want to see a huge spike in the number of people who follow your company on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, try a giveaway. You could, for instance, give your social media followers a chance to win a year of free auto insurance or some sort of cash prize. Giveaways and special offers will generate interest in your company. After a giveaway’s over, though, be careful about what you share on social media sites. If you aren’t sharing something that consumers feel is of value, they’ll stop following you.

Facebook has a few rules in place for companies who do giveaways. Sparkloft Media does a good job of breaking those rules down for you in this article. Make sure you’re familiar with these regulations before you launch a Facebook giveaway, and don’t be surprised when the Facebook users come flooding in to win whichever prize you’re raffling off.

Show You Care

As previously mentioned, people aren’t always jazzed about auto insurance companies. They do, however, get excited about companies that care. You can use social media to show consumers you care in relatively simple ways. Regularly linking to informative articles about things like how to save on car insurance and how to pick out a safe car for your family, for instance, can be a way for you to show you care.

Additionally, using social networking sites to encourage consumers to support important causes and non-profits can be another way to show your company cares. Just think about what good causes your company is passionate about, and use social media as a platform to discuss them.

Auto insurance companies definitely have their work cut out for them when it comes to social media marketing. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of social media strategies for them to try out. If you’re in the auto insurance industry, consider the tips above as you market yourself, and don’t give up until you’re satisfied with your ROI.