Most email lists start in modest fashion. Family, friends … your first few customers. We all have to start somewhere. How you grow can determine the success of your email marketing efforts. Sure, there’s always the reliable check box when making an online purchase or dropping business cards in a fish bowl in your brick and mortar location … but signup forms are the tried and true tactic that can be anywhere potential subscribers may be.

Custom Signup Form Templates

You can create a signup form to match your website or your newsletter template. It’s simple. There’s a more than a dozen custom forms to start with, pick a layout you like and change the colors, add the text, the fields you want and a call to action. Just make sure your email campaigns deliver on the promise of your signup form.

Add a Signup Form to Facebook

Benchmark Email offers an app that makes it quick and easy to add a signup form right to your company’s Facebook page. If you want some more customization, just create the signup for as normal and use an iFrame app.

How to Create a Signup Form

  1. Login to your Benchmark account.
  2. Select Signup Forms in the Contacts drop down menu.
  3. Click the Create Signup Form blue button.
  4. Select the list you’d like to build or click Create New List.
  5. Chose your template, add and edit fields, adjust the colors and fill in your copy and hit Save & Next.
  6. Customize your Confirmation Email and hit Save & Next.
  7. Copy and paste the code onto your website or anywhere else potential subscribers may frequent.