Do you need a holiday sooner than Valentine’s Day to get out of the dog house? Did you forget your anniversary again? Here comes Spouse’s Day to the rescue! Any lovers can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Spouse’s Day is a more exclusive holiday (not in a Prop 8 sort of way). That has to make it more special, right?

Spouse’s Day, on January 26th, probably should have been spaced out further from Valentine’s Day. That’s a lot of greeting cards and chocolates in a short period of time. Although Spouse’s Day is supposed to be more about the observance than gifts.

You may very well think this is a made up, greeting card holiday. That may be true, but I’m willing to bet there aren’t many spouses out there that wouldn’t enjoy a little bit of Spouse’s Day observance this January 26th. Help out your subscribers with this one. Help them score some bonus points with their significant others. Use a Benchmark Spouse’s Day email template to spread the message.

Announcing Free Spouse’s Day email template from Benchmark Email










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