Between top blogs, newsfeeds and social feeds, it’s near impossible to stay on top of relevant content without being completely swamped by it. Just browsing your favorite must-read digital destinations alone can eat up a good two hours a day; now imagine how much higher that figure spikes when you add browsing through your top social feeds.

While solutions are popping up, the solutions themselves are actually adding more workload to the already towering problem. You’re probably already getting newsletters sent from your favorite subscriptions. But what marketers don’t realize is the level of competition inside email marketing. Your subscriber’s email box is likely already flooded with mail – so that unless you’re incredibly smart and strategic about your email marketing tactics, your emails are probably lost in the pile.

Other solutions like image-based feedstreams are helpful, but they too take up a lot of time to browse through. If you’re a casual content sifter or mediocre marketer, this doesn’t apply to you. But if you take your business seriously, you’re probably already frustrated by the lack of filters on those too; content feedstreams provide images with titles, but lack any further details to clue you in on whether the piece is of interest to you. Twitter offers some relief here by offering keywords, hashtags and further detail, sometimes paired with the opinions of influence makers.

Squirro understands this problem. Building on their success with Memonic, the “all-in-one, mobile-to-desktop app to clip, save and share web content in a personal online notebook,” the team continues to elevate the bar when it comes to content. Whether you’re looking for a better way to perform digital research, a better way to be kept up to speed on news that matters to you, or looking for a top contender in content curation, then Squirro is likely a very secure choice for both one-off and ongoing projects that require any level of smart digital research and content curation.

What makes Squirro different from any other method of content curation already out there is that it goes beyond just feeds and offers more honed results than a simple search. Squirro takes digital data a step further by doing what you would do, but doing it better and faster. It scans multiple sources across the internet, social media, private databases and even internal systems (such as Salesforce/SAP), with the end goal being to find the user the most relevant content based on their preferences. Users can set preferences for what sources or type of content is crawled, and they can integrate data from their own documents or content management software. All content is updated automatically and continuously. The yielded findings can be saved, synthesized with prior content/data and shared with your network.

It’s the first solid step in officially being able to be in two places at once – a marketer’s dream where you can continue investing your time in your talent while resting assured that the monkey work is still done with your preferred level of competence.

Squirro is currently at the tail end of its BETA run. However, if you have a CRM system with either Salesforce, SugarCRM, SAP by D, Highrise or Confluence, you can tap into Squirro right away. Others will have to sign up via email and wait for a BETA access code. Once out of BETA, Squirro’s content harvesting services are set at the jaw-dropping affordable price plan of $9 a month (or $99 a year).

If content research and content curation is the pinnacle of your marketing efforts, you should also check out ReadCube, which performs full-text searches across (academic) PDF articles along with offering users additional outside recommendations.