The recent McKinsey & Company report which demonstrated that email acquires new customers at nearly 40 times the rate of both Facebook and Twitter combined certainly made news, but within the study were other statistics which were just as remarkable to prove the persistent power of email marketing. Of all American consumers, 91 percent use email each and every day, seven days a week, which is close enough to universality to not argue with the details. When compared with the metrics provided by social media marketing, email sends are responsible for purchases at a rate which is more than three times higher and carry an average order value which is 17 percent above its social media counterpart. That report and similar ones from other organizations are filled with outstanding statistics attesting to email’s unique and unparalleled marketing force.

Some of the pearls in some of the latest reports include:
1. Custom landing pages = 25% up – Online marketers who are obtaining the greatest success in leveraging email marketing in order to supercharge their brand’s identity and bottom line results are well aware that while email is inordinately powerful and the leading method to drive conversions, it’s only the first step in what can be a convoluted funnel. It is imperative to have a customized landing page for the customer to be lead to, as these outperform generic product pages by more than 25%.

2. Think mobile to keep them on track – The statistics prove that mobile email marketing is an art as well as a science. If your site is difficult to access through a mobile device as it displays the usual problems of sites which were designed for the desktop or laptop sized screens and creates all sorts of hassles for the user such as horizontal scrollbars (eeek!) then you can count on just 39% of your customers ever returning to your online offerings as fully 61% will never be back! If you need further convincing try this statistic: 40% of those customers not only won’t be back, but they head directly to your competitor’s online presences!

3. Love the brand or love the discount – You’ve been told since the dawn of the social media era that you have to get your customers to love your brand and if you are able to achieve that goal it will automatically cause your email subscription list to blossom. Well, that’s not exactly true since only 8% of all consumers state that they signed up to the email list driven by their appreciation of the brand. However, there is one factor which 72% (or eight times as much as love love love) of customers stated is the reason to subscribe to email marketing messaging and that factor is discounts! If you’re not centering your email marketing campaign around coupons, vouchers, and discount sales of all types, you’re losing out on the motivation for nearly three out of every four of your customers!

4. Greater brand interaction than social media – Each day American consumers interact with nine brands through Facebook and eight brands through Twitter. However, email marketing beats those statistics as well as those same consumers interact with a total average of eleven brands per day through email!

5. Updates from email not Facebook, please – Updates seem to be synonymous with social media but when consumers were asked which medium they preferred to receive brand updates through just one out of ten chose Facebook. What channel of marketing communications did the other nine out of every ten consumers prefer to receive brand updates through? You guessed it! Email marketing! Email is preferred by 90% of all consumers over Facebook for updates. That may seem difficult to believe by all marketers… except those ones laughing all the way to the bank driven by the power of email!

Williams-Sonoma created personalized email messaging which was based on that customer’s behavior on their online site and catalog and they improved their overall response rates. By how much? Tenfold! They were able to multiply their response by a factor of ten by applying the unparalleled power of email… and your brand can too!