Just like most TV shows, most email marketing campaigns tend to die out in the summer over the mistaken belief that no one is paying attention. People are paying attention. However, they soon won’t be if you’re dying out in the summer as well.

Summertime does come with its stereotype that no one is paying attention. In broadcast media, it’s due to the fact that people are out on holiday, vacationing or not sticking to their old routines. While this may have been true in the last century, it’s not exactly the case now. For the most part, people are on the same routines. However the stereotype persists because of the wanderlust that summer brings. People are getting together for barbeques, heading to the beach, staying out later to enjoy the sun and warm weather. For that reason, it’s believed that perhaps they won’t return home for their viewing their favorite shows. However, that has nothing to do with emails – which means that your email marketing campaigns shouldn’t end because of summer has arrived.

What it does mean though is that it might be tougher to grab people’s attention during the three months. You can fix that. You can create some unique summer-specific email marketing campaigns that aren’t an intrusion on them, but rather a part of their summer life.

Consider a summer series: a series of summer email marketing campaigns on a weekly or monthly basis that exist only for summer and perhaps can be even specific to the season depending on your industry. Ideally, you want to opt for a weekly campaign since a series that lasts only three campaign runs for the summer months is sort of a waste of your creative energy.

History Series

If you’re doing weekly newsletters, try having the last week of the month be about some ongoing series. If you’re a retailer, have it be about vignettes on the history of retail. But make it fun. Use a lot of pictures and go with stories you know your audience will love, like “What did Coco Chanel Have for Breakfast?” or “What was a woman’s go-to makeup in the 1910s?

However, if you’re an interior designer, try having it be about beautiful local interiors, hot spots and historic places, and how to integrate those elements in your home.

Take it Out Series

This series can be about taking what you do and love…outdoors. If you’re a school, try thinking of creative outdoor opportunities to continue education. If you’re a retailer, have it be about fun Pinterest-inspired summertime outdoor parties you can throw. The idea is to take what you do and love and take it out where everyone else is during the summer. And of course, get lots of beautiful pictures.

Road Trip Series

If your series is about a road trip, then have it be about the road trip. Any products you might sell are secondary albeit ingeniously integrated into your adventures. Whether your road trip is across the country or weekend adventures, use that opportunity to showcase great local finds, beautiful photography, your personality, and your clothing and accessories. Make sure each campaign is filled with between 3-5 images and gives detailed descriptions of what you saw, what you felt, who you met, and what you wore.

If you’re seeing a theme about images and even video, it’s because photography and videography should be a central component to your summer series. It doesn’t have to be expensively done either. The right app (like AfterLight photography and Splice for video editing), the right equipment (like iOgrapher for videos) are compelling tools when matched with the talented creative director – or even someone who has an eye for creative direction.

Remember that the goal in your summertime series isn’t to sell. It’s to be present.