What makes Halloween so exciting for people all over the world is the element of the unknown. When you pair this with a season that embraces gloomier days and colder nights, we understand how the transition from bright and exposed days of summer to dark and secretive themes in October is so appealing to people. Essentially, that supernatural element of the unknown is probably the most thrilling part of the Halloween season. It’s also what a show by that name, Supernatural, has gotten down perfectly across 12 seasons. So what advice would a hit show about the supernatural world give to the marketing world?

Create a Bond

What drives the show is the bond between two brothers: Sam and Dean Winchester Along the way other characters are introduced who pull at the heart strings. What’s ultimately a very dark and sometimes serious show is anchored by the love you have for these characters and how human they are in a world that is not.

When it comes to marketing – especially if your subject matter is dark or dense – it’s that much more important for you to create your own anchor. There’s a saying that “facts tell but stories sell.” In the same way, the story you tell about your company, purpose, or even its leaders go a lot further and carry more weight than the facts alone.

There’s Always a Baddie

The mission is the same but the face of the bad guy changes. As is the case for any plot that needs to move forward, you need a ‘baddie’ or a nemesis. In your own world, what’s the face of your enemy and how can you leverage that to position yourself as the counter to that enemy? If it’s a mission-driven cause you’re fighting for, then the enemy is as faceless. In this case, you’re fighting an idea so you’re going to want to make that idea come to life so you have something to stand against and confront.

On the other hand, If it’s a person or an opponent, then at least behind closed doors you want to rally your team to face off against this challenge. In this case, you’ll publically challenge your opponent through value propositioning. In other words, what is a value you offer that your enemy fails to bring to the table? Remember that for you to win, there has to be an enemy for you to win against.

Have a Signature Style

What makes Supernatural iconic is the Americana it embraces: classic cars, jeans and flannel. Having that unique style, which 12 seasons ago was risky and an unpopular aesthetic, is what helped the show skyrocket to success by being so bravely and unapologetically unique. Your brand should do the same. What is it about you or your company that stands out from the crowd and helps it get remembered? It doesn’t just have to be how you look: it can be about how you think, or how you approach a problem. In some powerful way, you need to be different.