Did you wake up on Sunday morning confused about the time? Did you look at your cell phone and doubt it was showing the correct hour? Did you wish you still owned a wrist watch that made time “fall back” and “spring forward” as simple as turning the dial? You aren’t alone! Many people struggle with Daylight Savings Time and it seems as technology grows, the complications with DST grow with it.

The concept of DST has always baffled me. Sure, it sounds nice in theory to push time forward in the winter time and pull it back in the spring to give us more light during the working hours. However, I seem to run into one problem or another when it is time to make that change. There always seems to be one clock I forget to adjust. This weekend it was the clock in my car. I was out of town and it didn’t think to change it Sunday night when I got home. Imagine my surprise on Monday morning when I climbed in and saw that the dashboard read 4:22 AM instead of 5:22 AM! For a split second, I thought I had made a mistake and was an hour early for work. I checked my cell phone, which said 5:22 AM, and realized my error. After adjusting the car clock, I was on my way to work…feeling just a little bit stressed about the confusion.

Hopefully you remembered to change all of your clocks on Sunday and didn’t experience the confusion like I did! But you might not have realized that you also need to adjust the time setting in your Benchmark Email account. If the adjustment is not made, and you live in an area that observes DST, you will experience an issue when scheduling deliveries for campaigns.

In order to make the adjustment, please log in to your account. Then you will click on the My Account tab followed by Account Settings. Once you are in this screen, you will scroll down until you see the section titled Email Message Settings. It will look like this:

This is where you will make the change to accommodate DST. The section “Time Zone” needs to be switched from “Standard” (shown above), to “daylight.” This will ensure that your campaigns are sent at the correct time. Keep in mind that when it is time to “fall back” on November 6, 2011, you will need to change this setting back to standard.