A few folks have been asking how to adjust their account settings. Now that you keep can track of your email usage with Benchmark’s handy Email Capacity Notification, what happens when you decide that your current plan doesn’t match your growing demand? The reverse could also be true. Suppose you’ve harvested your contact lists into a small but focused few addresses and you need to downgrade your account. Benchmark makes upgrading or downgrading an account no problem at all.

You can change your email marketing plan whenever you want, but I advise you to wait until the end of your billing cycle and before your billing date. Benchmark Email cannot prorate any changes, so make sure you’ve used most of the emails allotted to you before starting fresh with a new batch. But how exactly does a Benchmark user go about changing an email rate? Read on, my friends.

The Fix

You can see when your email plan renews and upgrade or downgrade your account in just two simple steps.

Step 1- Click on the My Account tab.

Step 2- From here, click on the Plan Information box.

That’s it. This page lists your Email Plan, Renewal Date, Email Usage Statistics, Add-on Products and directs you to where you can obtain a custom template from us. The one tricky bit is where it says Upgrade Account. The link allows you to downgrade your account as well.