The Problem

Got an image to add to your email newsletter but want users to have a little something more? Linking images to videos online is a great idea, especially if some of your subscribers can not receive video in their inboxes or have disabled their email clients from allowing video email.

Turn an image into a portal to their next destination – it’s prettier than a link alone. This is a great way to send users to a landing page after clicking on your logo or special discount offer. Follow the steps below and you’ll have your users clicking through in no time.

The Fix

Step 1
Before you begin to edit your email or add images, find the URL that you want to link to. Since we’re focusing on video, I’ll use one of Benchmark Email’s YouTube videos. Highlight the internet address for the page and save it somewhere. If you’re using a Mac, I suggest pasting the URL into a TextEdit document. If using a PC, paste it into Notepad. Set that aside and bring up your Benchmark editor.

Step 2

In the Benchmark Email Editor, click on the edit button (pencil icon) for the block you want to add your image to.

Step 3

In the Insert Additional Elements box, click on Image.


Step 4

The Insert Image window will pop up. If you already have an image in your gallery, select it on the left. To use a new image, click Upload New Image (located beneath the left tab). To use an image from an online source, click the Insert External Image tab.


Step 5

To the right of the Selected Image Preview, find the Link URL box. Copy the URL you saved in your Notepad or TextEdit document and paste it into this box. Make sure to scroll back to the beginning to make sure you haven’t duplicated the “http://”.


Step 6

Now click the blue Insert button on the bottom right and you’re done! Save the change in your editing block. Make sure your subscribers know where they should be clicking before sending your campaign. When they click on it in their email client, another window will pop up and the video will begin playing.