The Problem

This may be the shortest support update we’ll ever have to write at Benchmark Email. When using an email service provider, it is easy to imagine that your email address is the panacea to all system queries. But for our users who have received the following message:

they know that is not the case. At Benchmark Email, your Login ID is not necessarily equivalent to your email address. But what happens if you don’t remember your Login? Quick fix coming right up.

The Fix

First of all, don’t panic. This message does not mean you do not exist in our system. Attempting to log in with an email address instead of a Login ID is a common mistake.

The first thing you should try is using a login from another website, or one you generally use. If that doesn’t work, just give us a call. You can contact our Customer Support at 800.430.4095 and via Benchmark Email’s Live Chat option (that link is available at the top of the web page, too). Of course, you can also email us at Please include the name associated with your account so we’ll know it’s you. Our customer support is friendly and professional but our telepathic division is still in the R & D phase.