The other day I was at home working on a project and realized I wanted to reference an article I had written a few years ago. However, when I checked my computer files it was nowhere to be found. I checked the various folders, including the ever popular “My Documents,” but it seemed to have just disappeared. It made me miss the days when we had physical filing cabinets, with hanging folders, all of which had labeled tabs usually set up in alphabetical order to make locating a specific document easy. I can still remember being in the library as a kid and pulling out the card catalog in order to find what I needed.

Did you know that you have a document library available for use in your Benchmark Email account? It may not contain such pieces as The Complete Works of Shakespeare or Moby Dick like your public library, but it does give you the option of uploading your own documents for use in your email campaigns.

Let’s say you have a new menu of delicious food that you want to make available to your subscribers in the newsletter. You will need to utilize the Document Library in order to attach it to the campaign. You can also attach such things as a calendar of events, brochures and coupons.

Locating the Document Library

Unlike the video or image gallery, the only way to access your document library is in Step 4 of the email builder. Click on the “edit block” tool for the section you want the document placed in. This will cause the “Insert Additional Elements” box to appear on the left side of your screen. Click on the link for “Documents,” shown below:

This will open a window that looks like this:

After you have uploaded your document(s), the file(s) will show in this way:

Any document you upload into the library will remain available for use in future campaigns until you decide to delete it.