Bieber Fever runs rampant across the country. His new 3D movie just hit theaters and raked in over $30 million in its first weekend. He recently guested on Saturday Night Live and appears basically everywhere else you turn. You can’t open a music magazine or tabloid without seeing that signature ‘do. It seemed like winning Best New Artist was a forgone conclusion at the Grammys. If Justin Bieber wasn’t paying attention to the name announced when the envelope was opened, he may have gone ahead and taken the stage. Nobody would have thought twice. There certainly would have been much less of an uproar about Esperanza Spalding winning the category in an upset.

Email marketers can learn from this situation. It should never be a given that an email campaign is going to succeed. Sure, you can use the same tactics that have brought you success in the past, but that isn’t a guarantee. Testing is important, whether you’ve been seeing a high ROI or not. Otherwise, you’ll be taking your prize before you’ve won it, metaphorically speaking.

Different content, subject lines and the time of day you send all factor into the success of your email campaigns. Sure, it’s a good idea to stick to what has worked in the past. Assuming it will always work is where you can get into trouble. Send out some test emails, and you can have confidence in what will be a winning campaign. Justin Bieber has millions of dollars and just as many adoring fans to console him. You stand to lose a lot more if you assume your campaigns are winners.