The throngs of Apple enthusiasts (the iCrowd) are unlikely to falter in their rapturous adulation of their exalted brand now that CEO Steve Jobs has taken a medical leave. The “fruit company” seems to be proceeding on its plans to keep introducing “insanely great” products at its current breakneck pace for the foreseeable future, and two of their rumored products could have a significant impact on email marketing: the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2.

These New iThings Are Built Around High Quality Video

Given that the considerable percentage of your email recipients access your campaigns on Apple devices, it clearly points to Mr. Jobs’ corporation driving at least a portion of email marketing evolution… and it seems that the future is in high resolution presentations. In order to take advantage of the astounding level of graphics wizardry being implemented into the next iterations of these popular devices, email marketers may have to start considering that the best way to engage users of this new generation of devices is to dazzle them with video.

2048 x 1536 Pixels… On a Tablet?

Apple never releases any information until Jobs or another exec actually presents the product in front of the adoring multitudes, but there are a fair number of rumors floating around the tech universe that seem to be reasonably credible. They all point to an increasing convergence between the iPhone and the iPad in their upcoming iterations as they both include more powerful and possibly multiple microprocessors. Among the rumors that simply will not recede is the one that points to drastically increased resolution for the next iPad. There has been an enormous amount of chatter about the possibility of a jaw-dropping 2048 x 1536 pixel screen, which would indicate that Apple is going after high end ultra-clarity and resolution. It is also a given that the iPad 2 will have front and rear facing cameras.

The rumors on the iPhone 5 crystallize around greater functionality as well as a bigger screen size that may be in a different form factor. Many analysts are betting that the new iPhone will support true 1080p high definition output.

These Devices Call for James Cameron-Level Videos

When we’re confronting a phone with HD output that matches a 50 inch LED TV, it’s obvious we’re not going to win over the Apple enthusiasts with shaky, cheap video shot on a shoestring. In order to make a real impact the videos need to have the imprimatur of Hollywood, with elevated production values, quick edits, exciting content, and riveting visuals. Producing this type of video is considerably more expensive than just getting some teenager to do a few zooms on your product, but the benefits are commensurate. High quality, professional videos suited to the iCrowd’s devices are going to bear powerful results on your sales.

Integrate Bidirectional Customer Interaction into Your Emails

The rumored front and rear cameras on the next iPad also point to another innovation that email marketers would be wise to consider: Bidirectional customer interaction videophoning. The devices support Apple’s FaceTime, which allows you to implement a facility for your customer to virtually come face to face with your brand. The possibilities are endless: by integrating these functions directly into your company’s emails your prospects could access real time customer service, sales assistance, live product demonstrations, contest participation, hands-on tech support, and anything else your imagination can concoct!

If the reality of the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 approach the level of the rumors, then Apple will have yet another set of game-changing devices on its hands. The wise email marketer will be looking forward to this latest paradigm shift with enthusiasm, not apprehension. It is clear that the first brands to embrace these new facilities will gain a powerful advantage over their slower and more recalcitrant competition.