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Question of the Week

During one of our email marketing webinars this week, one attendee asked about master accounts and sub accounts. Here’s the rundown:

If you want to manage multiple user accounts from within your main account, you can use our sub-accounts feature. This feature will allow you to create sub-accounts on behalf of your clients.

The unique features of a sub-account are:

  • Each sub-account has different contact lists and email campaigns.
  • Sub-accounts are not billed individually for usage. The billing is done only for the main account based on the plan and sum of all the emails sent by the sub-accounts.
  • The owner of the main account can login to the sub-accounts.
  • The owner of the main account can disable or enable any sub-account.

You can enjoy the convenience of sub-accounts by contacting our support team @ 1-800 430-4095 or via live chat. Once enabled, you’ll find it in User Management under the My Accounts tab in your account dashboard. This awesome feature is available at no extra charge as part of your normal paid plan. If you’re on a free trial or using our Free for Life accounts, here’s your incentive to upgrade.

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