There are a myriad different aspects to the marketing of any event but while each venture and venue may be very different, every event whether online or site-located shares the commonality of the three E’s which govern all event marketing, and which form the fundamental basis for the success of your event.


At the heart of every successful event is the marketer who has managed to imbue excitement into every aspect of the event and its precursory campaign. Unfortunately, for every event marketer who is able to drive this excitement to a fever pitch by staging a memorable if not outright unforgettable event, there is one marketer whose idea of an exciting event is to promote an octogenarian scientist lecturing for eight hours straight on the varying subtypes of acorns.

Not all excitement is measured by the tone or delivery of your presenters, as the savvy event marketer has well developed skills in creating excitement in situations where most others would see bland blah-ness. Event topics such as the introduction of a new corporate identity or logo, a tribute to the lifetime achievement of an industry thought leader, or the celebration surrounding the anniversary of the founding of an organization or association can be interpreted in such as manner as to permanently cure insomnia, or to supercharge an audience into a frenzy of excitement and engagement. It’s all in the way you present it!


We live in a society where the entertainment options not only exceed by several orders of magnitude any that have ever been offered to any previous generation, but that continue to burgeon on an exponential basis day by day. This continuing explosion in entertainment options has created a cloud of media offerings which are specifically designed to capture the attention of the public at large, and ensuring that your event is able to shine through this nearly infinite haze is a challenge to each and every event marketer on Earth.

One of the primary keys to ensure the resounding success of your entire event marketing campaign is how you will be providing that essential entertainment. However it is not sufficient to just ensure that the event itself is going to be packed with enthralling entertainment value. Unless you are able to craft a campaign which will act to compel your prospective attendees to take the time to attend your online event or leave the comfort of their homes to travel to your site-located venue event, you can have the most entertaining event ever produced and all you’ll be presenting to is empty chairs (or non-existent Hangout participants).

The aspect of the provision of unequivocal entertainment couched in the realm of pure, sheer, unadulterated fun is absolutely critical for your overall event marketing campaign, not just the event itself. As an event marketer in this decade you have to pull out all the stops in entertaining your audience. Your entire campaign should be experiential to the point where your prospects view your event as unique, different, fantastic, and “right up their alleys.”


The event marketer’s enterprising ability and desire should not be to simply present the same old same old symposium on the history of walking canes. What differentiates the conventional event marketer from the supremely successful unorthodox one is that the latter has the unique ability to take that starting point and turn it into one that is fully integrated into an event which encompasses the entire field of walking apparatuses in a way that is relevant to both the general public and the orthopedic community… all the while stretching the definition of what an event of the type is all about, and crafting new and different ways for everyone to view the topic itself.

If you can integrate your prospective audience’s inherent inclination to engage in a new and different experience while feeling that they are integrated into the inner workings of the elite of the particular industry sector, and you can throw in for good measure the ability to provide them with a great time that they will remember forever, you’re an event marketer with a capital E!