Over time, we’ve developed a digital library of the best email marketing articles on the web. This can be a lot for anyone to sift through, so we’re doing to sifting for you. Whether you’re new to Benchmark or are looking for refresher course on what matters to most, here’s your focused summary of the best email marketing blog posts.

How to get Gifs and Memes in Email Campaigns

This post is all about gifs and memes, which are particularly important if you’re going to be catering to a millennial audience. The best takeaway from the post is, “If you’re using gifs, you want to make sure you’re using it to further your email campaign rather than distract from it. For example, it’s a great way to showcase your product or initiate how a client can engage with your brand.” (Continue Reading)

Millennials Haven’t Ditched Email for Social Media

If you think that email marketing is outdated and that all Millennials have ditched it for social media, think again. The best takeaway from the post is, “You also want their attention in a one-on-one capacity, and you’re going to secure that through visually driven email marketing campaigns. There’s another strain of thought along this these lines and that’s that Millennials only use email for business – even the influential savvy type with money to invest. On that theory, here are 2 facts: (1) Millennials tend to keep email for business, but they’re still interested in inviting businesses into their inboxes to take advantage of promotion; (2) Email is for serious business, while social media is still for socializing. On that note, Millennials aren’t moving away from email so much as they’re utilizing more channels to communicate.” (Continue Reading)

The Essence of Email Marketing

It can be overwhelming to grasp all the different aspects of email marketing, which is why a blog post on quotes is a helpful and light-hearted way to underscore why we do it and why it matters. The best takeaway is, “Bait without a hook is just food.” – John Hayes on email CTAs…Think about which of these quotes made you stop and think for a bit. If you had to stop and think about it, chances are it’s a gap in your current email marketing campaign. The next step is to chart out where you are now and where you want to go. What action do you want your audience to follow through on when they get your email marketing campaign. Are you looking for a sale, a social share, a conversation or some other type of action? Once you can identify that, you can pair the gaps you discovered here and start creating a strategy.” (Continue Reading)

Rescuing Your Email Campaigns From the “Junk” Folder

It doesn’t matter how hard you work on your email marketing campaigns … if no one is seeing them. On that note, the most important takeaway is, “Certain email servers have more sensitive spam triggers than others, which means that they’re more inclined to toss your campaign into a slush pile. How an email server treats email content will depend on the server. There’s another more challenging face to this problem: you ultimately have zero control of other people’s email servers.” (Continue Reading)