Event planning and marketing aren’t just about sharing your business – it’s also about sharing your business culture. It’s a ripe real-time opportunity to demonstrate what kind of people your business employs and how will you do business. It’s a showcase of expectation, in other words what can your consumer expect from engaging your business. The rule of expectation becomes even more imperative if you’re an eco-friendly or environmentally conscientious business.

Green event planning and marketing tips can be hard to drum up for businesses that aren’t predisposed to such thought patterns through an eco-friendly business product or service. Those of use in this pool of creatively stifled thinkers, unaware of just how to flex their green muscle, are welcome to pick up some tips from the following three examples:

Marketing. How you draw attention to an event speaks just as powerfully (if not more so) than what you do at the event. CivitasNow, an Ohio marketing firm, was faced with a dilemma of drawing attention to a local business during a city-wide event that would draw thousands downtown. Their solution: power-washing a stencil on the pavement.

Jacob Taylor, one of the co-founders of the firm, commented how clean of an image stenciling leaves behind, adding that “we’ve done it on walls, pavement, street corners. It’s clean; it leaves no residue. We saw people taking pictures, hashtagging it. It as great.” Of course, as his partner Matt Barnes added, the process of stenciling also draw people who were curious about what was going on, giving CivitasNow an opportunity to “evangelize” the brand while they’re working. For Jacob, it’s all about being marketing and advertising through sustainable methods – a huge win for an industry that normally pivots on waste.

Promotion. When it comes to freebies and giveaways, your products have to walk the talk. Anything short of recycled and repurposed goods simply won’t do. There are a ton of wonderful earth friendly promotional shops searchable on Google. Having worked with some of these vendors in the past, the one piece of advice I can offer is to seek a creative promo piece. The more creative your eco-friendly ware is, the more likely you are to be remembered…and talked about. You can also go one step further and turn your promotional item into a coupon code.

Food. Lisa Granger founded Virginia-based Wild Greens Catering through her passion for great food lovingly made with sustainably sourced local products. Though mostly catering to weddings, she recently branched off to cater to corporate events and other networking and social gatherings. I mention Lisa here because of the philosophy she brings to food, a philosophy that you can share with your guests at your next event. Even if you’re not a sustainable industry, you can show sentiment and value through partnering with sustainable vendors who bring heart to the business. Here’s where business sentiment comes into play. Sentiment plays a major role in everything beginning with how you greet people and how they feel when they leave – but it also shows in how you host an event and what you choose to bring to the table.

Outside of genuinely passionate eco-conscious people, green business practices were once seen an opportunity to get an edge on a thriving new market. We’ve shifted away from that self-centric attitude, understanding the importance of having value in your product as a means of both respecting consumers and offering increased business value. This is why we’ve seen a sharp increase in the percentage of big business adopt an eco-friendly model. It’s simply smart, heartfelt business.