It’s about now that you really start to miss the holiday season. I got used to those nice little four day work weeks in December. Working for five days, every week almost seems like a foreign concept. Admitting too much in public again? Probably. You can avoid making the same mistake. Occupy yourself with some of the great and entertaining posts from this week. I’m not going to claim they’re as good as a day off, but almost. Maybe?

Creating an Email Marketing Plan – Reaching Your Customers

I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. Don’t be that guy when it comes to your email campaigns. Make a plan and stick to it. Learn about Creating an Email Marketing Plan and Reaching Your Customers.

Share Your Campaigns with Our New Social Networking Templates

Trying to figure out how to get your subscribers to be your friends and followers on your social networks? Benchmark has an easy solution. Check out our Social Networking Templates for Your Email Campaign. Just be careful. If Seinfeld taught us anything, it’s to take caution when worlds collide.

New Complaints Can Come from Stale Email Campaigns (Part 1)

If a restaurant served up stale bread, you would complain. So why would you send out stale email campaigns and not expect complaints? Sweet analogy aside, are you getting Spam Complaints? Maybe It’s Your Stale Email Campaign.

HTML Tips & Tricks #7 – Div Tags and Menus

I had no idea what a div tag was until I read Pierce’s post. It should just be called master code. That sounds so much cooler. If you knew what it was, or want to learn how to use something referred to as master code, read Benchmark HTML Tip & Tricks #7 – Div Tags and Menus.

Taking a Bite of the Apple: Email Marketing to the iCrowd

iThought iT wOuld bE fUnny tO wRite tHis wHole bLurb, jUst lIke aPple bRands tHeir pRoducts. Turns out it takes forever to type that way and it looks like a teenage girl texted it. This Apple shouldn’t be treated like the forbidden fruit. Learn the importance of Email Marketing to Apple and Mac Users.

Chinese New Year Email Templates for the Year of the Hare

Need a New Years do-over like me? Or perhaps you actually celebrate Chinese New Year. Either way, check out the Chinese New Year Email Templates for the Year of the Hare.

Serve Up a Hot National Oatmeal Month Email Template

Don’t read this one before mealtime. I refer to oatmeal as “mushy, throw up looking grossness.” If you disagree, perhaps you’d like to Serve Up a Hot National Oatmeal Month Email Template.

Email Marketing Beyond the Jersey Shore

It’s an email marketing situation…when you decide to take your campaigns to an international audience. It is important to consider how your emails will be perceived when sent across the globe. Make sure your email’s fist-pumping ways are well received when you take your Email Marketing Beyond the Jersey Shore.